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Office 365 migration to multi tenant terminal svces environment.

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  • Office 365 migration to multi tenant terminal svces environment.

    Short Version of the problem: I have a client interested in moving to Office 365. They are a good sized company where everyone has a thin client using terminal services. We are under the impression that this can't be done in a manner that will work well and am hoping to find someone that has successfully achieved this.

    More info:

    This client has roughly 1000 employees. They current use 2008 R2 in a terminal services environment. Understanding that MS is moving toward Office 365, they would like to move in the direction of making it happen. It would appear that Office365 doesn't play well with terminal services. They don't have to do anything right now. The issues impacting timing are when the MS products reach end of life and when Microsoft only offers Office365.

    So, a solution coming down the pike would be good to know about.

    The thought of ultimately having to spend $1mm on pc's and hiring three full time folks to make it work isn't appealing. We talked about having no local MS software and using everything from the web. The concern there is that they do use a lot of fancy spreadsheets and the the on prem version of Excel does things that the online version won't do.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    What specifically doesn't play well with O365 in RDS?

    I have configured an environment with about 100 users on RDS (2008 R2) using Outlook 2010 that were migrated from Exchange 2010 to Office 365. No issues on the Outlook side in the RDS environment.

    With a 1000 user environment, surely you can afford to setup a POC and test everything out.

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      Jeremy, Thank you for responding. I'll check with the client to answer your question.