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Remote desktop printer problem

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  • Remote desktop printer problem


    OK, I have strange issue with printers when accessing Windows XP via RDP. I have installed drivers and all is working just fine.
    We have a problem with application used by our accounting staff.

    If I run this application as normal user with limited permissions it starts application and spoolsv.exe starts using 45% cpu and this aplication does the same thing...

    If I run this application as admin there is no problems at all...

    Also if I disable resources (printers) before connecting to this XP machine all works OK...
    Any idea where problem can be?
    I have already reinstalled drivers on both machines...


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    Re: Remote desktop printer problem

    By the way? is your printer is network printer which uses TCPIP?

    can you explain further your strange issues?


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      Re: Remote desktop printer problem

      Printer is TCP/IP.
      There is no problem with other apps, just this one.

      Problem is simple
      When accounting application is ran as NON admin, spoolsv.exe takes 45% CPU and accounting app takes also around 45-50%.
      And application does not work...

      If I open PDF file or word file I can print it normally with no problems...

      Strange one...


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        Re: Remote desktop printer problem

        Did you tied to contact the accounting software support staff?!
        Best Regards,

        Yuval Sinay

        LinkedIn:, Blog:


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          Re: Remote desktop printer problem

          They cannot help me, don`t know whats wrong

          I tried almost everything and will probably rebuild this xp from scratch...


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            Re: Remote desktop printer problem

            I would run (as an ordinary user) ProcessExplorer and then start the problematic software. This way you will be able to see what threads and DLLs are also needed by the software and maybe will be able to understand where this behavior is coming from. Of course, you will need to filter the output for the specific software, otherwise you will be flooded with data.

            Sorin Solomon

            In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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              Re: Remote desktop printer problem

              Can you use the application to print locally? Is it a problem with the appilcation on that computer?

              The printer your printing too, is it local to the host computer (the one being connected TO), or is it Local to the client computer?

              Does this accounting program use encryption when printing over a network?

              Also, check to see if the program creates a temp file somewhere, the admin can write to it fine, so no problem, the locked down user can not.

              As Sorinso said, grab process explorer, see what being accessed by what, and apply permissions as needed. Also, as a test I would give the users full access to the folder containing the app, all the windows temp directorys, as well as there whole user profile folder, and if that did not work, I would remove all access rescritions to the c drive.

              Remember to re-apply them all.

              Good to be back....


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                Re: Remote desktop printer problem


                Will do exactly as you suggested!