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TS Initial Connection Times Out

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  • TS Initial Connection Times Out

    I have a Win2003 server with TS installed. When connecting over the LAN, everything works great.

    However when I connect from outside (over the internet) the connection frequently times out. (The server will be in a locked terminal mode, i.e. screen saver then press Cntl-Alt-Del to login.) Multiple attempts at a connection will time out, but every once in a while it will connect.

    However, if I make a VNC connection (always works immediately) first & then do a TS connection, it picks up right away.

    Anyone have an idea why TS is not listening when the server is "asleep" or how to force it to listen?


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    Re: TS Initial Connection Times Out

    Please verity that the server is up to date (service pack, hotfix etc.)?
    What the type of firewall and internet connection you use? Did you tried to
    contact the ISP support or change the MTU size?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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