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Remote Desktop Security Threats

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  • Remote Desktop Security Threats

    We have a few workers at our office that work remotely. I've got them on a VPN on a company issued laptop.

    Two of them who work a fair bit north have been complaining of getting disconnected often so I was thinking about putting them on our terminal server instead of using a VPN connection.

    Are there any security risks in doing so? The terminal server has been locked down quite well, but I'm more concerned about the likelihood a virus could cross the wire or traffic could be intercepted.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

    When you are using a remote session, it's basically just a window into that remote PC or TS session. I have never heard of nor can I even think of how a virus could transmit from the connecting computer to the connected session. Certainly viruses can be caught from within a user's session just like it could happen to a fat client PC. The consequences of that could potentially be worse if the use has elevated privileges and the virus can now thrash core components of the entire installation. However, best practices should mitigate that nicely.

    As for traffic interception, do you work with highly sensitive data that has regulatory laws to keep in mind? RDP 6 uses 128 bit RC4 encryption. MITM attacks can be mitigated with a proper serve level authentication scheme in place.

    All in all, it's a solid technology, especially on Server 08, that has been tried, tested and found to be up to the task.
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      Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

      As long as you use an appropriate publishing technology, such as TSGateway, or the web interface thinngy, it should be ok.

      I would not suggest making port 3389 permanently open to the internet./.....
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        Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

        a. First, the VPN issue may cuase due MTU issue etc. - so you may fix it without the need for TS.
        b. You can use Windows 2008 R2 TS Gateway as low budget solution. By using TS Gateway you avoid openning RDP port to the world. Also, you allow users to use a mini SSL VPN solution from MS
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          Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

          Great suggestions.

          Thank you all very much - I'm going to look into those this week.


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            Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

            What are your users using to connect to you via VPN???


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              Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

              The users were using the sonicwall software that came with the firewall to access the VPN.


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                Re: Remote Desktop Security Threats

                What SonicWALL appliance are hey connecting to???

                Using the VPN Client will NOT stop a virus from crossing across to you network from them remotely. As far as i'm aware the Gateway AV doesn't scan client connections, i could be wrong on this though and i will double check for you.