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  • auto created printers

    have 8 users with winxp in a workgroup.the server is win 2003 server standard edition. have installed same print drivers on both server and workstations,server setup as terminal server and want users connecting with remote desktop.when connected that way should not the printers autocreate on the server??

    Thanks robert

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    Re: auto created printers

    If they check the box to allow the use of local printers any printers they have mapped on their PC will show up.

    I'm not sure if this is what you're asking but it will work.

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      Re: auto created printers

      the printers they need to autocreate are 2 upstairs on a print server.
      when they use the billing software thru the mapped drive on their workstations the printers work,but we need to change to a RDP connection which is much faster.. we have another office setup where we changed over the connection and the printers work thru the RDP.. also will have another user that will connect thru a VPN connection and then a RDP that will need to print on there local printer. this office is setup as a WORKGROUP. the office in the other location is a domain with active directory
      would that have anything to do with it not working in the office that's a workgroup???

      Thanks, robert the newbie to networking


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        Re: auto created printers

        You can use a few methods:

        1. Setup the printers as network printer (with static IP etc.) and then configure
        Them on the TS Server.

        2.Setup a new account for the users in the workgroup and configure each user
        That logon into the computer with the same user+pass as in the domain
        or the local TS server.


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