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Multiple remote users through firewall

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  • Multiple remote users through firewall


    How can I let multiple remote users connect to their desktops from remote locations? We are using a 3com Officeconnect ADSL Firewall Router and in this router I can use port 3389 and 80 only once to 'portmap' to one internal IP address.

    And if I 'map' this port to an specific internal network address then others cannot connect to their desktops because they are routed to that specific internal IP address.

    In short: How do I configure the router so that every remote user can connect to their own (internal) desktop? or can I give every internal desktop a specific port to listen to?

    If I 'portmap' the same listenport to another internal IP address I get an errormessage. (see attachment)

    I prefer the webversion of the remote desktop control.
    All the desktops and our windows 2003 SBS Server are directly connected to the 3com router.

    Thanx in advance

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    Re: Multiple remote users through firewall

    Make users a member of RemoteWorkspaceOperators (or whatever its called)

    Remote users open Internet Explorer and type in

    They can then log into their pcs from there


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      Re: Multiple remote users through firewall

      Remote Web Workspace doesn't work because the users are listed (and configured) as local users. Windows 2003 doesn't allow the users to be residing in both groups.
      Any ideas left?

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        Re: Multiple remote users through firewall

        You can always change the listen port for each machine. If you have a lot of users thats alot of ports to open but it'll accomplish what you're asking.;en-us;306759

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          Re: Multiple remote users through firewall

          I think that the wasy way in your case is to use SSL VPN firewall. This will allow
          users to logon into TS via simple and secure interface.


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            Re: Multiple remote users through firewall

            Or try VNC.

            Normally VNC also limits you to a single PC, but I understand (have not used this feature) that UltraVNC has a means of re-directing the connection to specific PC's once the connection is made to the LAN server.

            You have to open a range of ports, (say 5800-5805 & 5900-5905) if you want six users to be able to connect.

            VNC is not as fast as TS, but I have found it to be very reliable and it allows file transfers, etc.


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              Re: Multiple remote users through firewall

              Does your router allow subnet masking for the ip range? So you can just allow passthrough for any host on your network address range, i.e. 192.168.1.*

              Not very secure TBH, but might get you going if your not looking for a hardware SSL VPN solution. Although if you are, take a look at the Netscreen range. I've never had a problem with them in the past.

              Hope you find a solution