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Change default pinned items in 2008 TS

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  • Change default pinned items in 2008 TS

    Hi all,

    I'm just setting up a 2008 Terminal Server (TS) atm & have found that every user that logs in has "Server Manager" and "Command Prompt" pinned to the start menu by default.

    Granted they can't access "Server Manager" without admin rights, but I really don't want users to see these 2 shortcuts in their start menu.

    Is there a folder available or registry change that I can make to remove these items from their start menu's and replace them with other items that will be more usefull?

    I'd prefer to put GPOs to the side for the moment unless there isn't a simpler way of doing it. Nor do I want to log in as every user and manually remove them.

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    Re: Change default pinned items in 2008 TS


    You can create a roaming profile or/and folder redirect.
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