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DST issue with Wyse clients on TS 2003

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  • DST issue with Wyse clients on TS 2003


    I'm encountering a weird issue with most of my thin clients due to the DST. The thins are Wyse 1200 LE and the wnos.ini is configured properly for the timezone, DST start and end date. When I log on a 2003 TS with any user, the time is off by 1 hour (9h instead of 10h). When I click on the clock icon to check the properties, everything is fine (Eastern Time, DST checked). Then I close the window and the time will set itself correctly at the next minute cycle.

    The issue seems to be related to the TS settings and not the Thin, as it passes its parameters.

    Any ideas on this?

    All patches are applied on the TS. Time Zone Redirection is enabled in the GPO.

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    Re: DST issue with Wyse clients on TS 2003


    Did you installed the latest timezone update:


    Is the redirct GPO applied to the users?
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