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Remote app and Apple

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  • Remote app and Apple


    we have just had some new mac's and are connected to the workgroup and they can access the other pc's.

    We currently run server 2008R2 enterprise and are running Remote app and ts Web access on the pcs. we run apps like sony vegas, photoshop and dreamweaver.

    I was wondering is it possible to run on remote app, Applications such as iWork and apps designed just for Apple Macs ?


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    Re: Remote app and Apple

    The question isnt releated to TS. However, you can try to use Serices for Unix or third party emulator to run Apple applications.
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      Re: Remote app and Apple

      just so i'm clear, you want to run applications designed for a mac OS, under Windows Server 2008, using remoteapps ?

      if so, I'm going to say it's unlikely this would work - but please test and let me know...

      I suspect it won't work because the applications are designed for a different infrastructure (apple OS) and you're trying to run it on a windows os, even though it's displaying on an apple desktop (if that makes sense)
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