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  • terminal client local printing

    I have a windows 2008 terminal server.
    I configured ts client so their local drives and local printers will be connected.
    I have 2 seperates problems.

    1. Although i installed the printers of the ts clients and it prints fine, when they disconnect and reconnect again, a new ts printer port is created and i have to manually check the new port. This happen every time and new ts inactive port are created. I cannot delete those inactive ts ports. What am i doing wrong?

    2. When the client connect to the ts, i still cannot see the local drives in the ts server although i've checked "local resources" and local disks.



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    Re: terminal client local printing

    1. Please use the latest RDC client (7.0) + consider to use Easy Print if the current drivers didnt designed to Win 2008 (or didnt installed on the Win 200.

    2. Please check "Terminal Configuration" permission to allow local disk mapping.
    This option could also be limit by using GPO.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: terminal client local printing

      Thanks very much for your help!