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  • TSE Licence?

    hello !!
    i 've a windows server 2003 enterprise with open licence.
    40 CAL USER. => only one server for to do TSE and TSE Licence.

    all are ok on the server except one thing : Licence TSE?
    i ve activated the licence to microsoft by the console "management of the licences tse" (also , i ve done an error => i have activated 3 times the server so 3 x 40 cal !)
    how to remove 2 x 40 cal because i need only 1x 40
    i ve posted a snapshot.

    The second problem : i can't use the console "management of licenses"
    how to do that ?
    i ve posted a snapshot.

    Thank's a lot !
    *Sorry for my bad english , i m a french
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    Re: TSE Licence?

    you have two difrent problems
    one with the license services
    two with TERMINAL

    the license problame i think you need to check if you servise is enabel
    i cant understand your img becuase its French
    if you can translate it to english it will be good

    for the ts did you install Terminal Server Licensing
    if not you need it
    tell as what happend
    Noam Greenberg
    If you want yo can conntact me at