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  • terminal service profile


    We use the following config for 80% of our users

    1) application is published through citrix. The application only works when the following regional settings are applied, sTimeFormat HH:mm:ss sShortDate dd/MM/yyyy

    2) All citrix servers regional settings are correct.

    3) Users have a terminal server profile and user profile. My understanding is that if you logon through terminal server it will default to the TS profile and then use the user profile. each user also has a user profile.

    4) all the profiles are stored on an IBM NAS filer.

    For some reason users time settings & date setting seem to change. I can fix the issue by finding out the sid of the users and then changing the reg when the user is logged onto the server through citrix. when a user logs off TS it should copy the profile back to the network. As explained earlier, we have changed every regional setting on pc's & servers to make sure that the right time/date setting are applied.

    we can also create a new profile and this fixes the issue for a while then it comes back again. Default user has the correct date & time setting so what could possibly be changing the time in the profiles?

    we have user hive cleanup running and delete local cached copies of profiles

    Any help with this is much appreciated.

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    Re: terminal service profile

    Would be better answered in the Terminal Services forum than here.



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      Re: terminal service profile

      1. Is the NAS clock + timezone set as required?

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      Yuval Sinay

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        Re: terminal service profile

        thanks for yor respone. this is now resolved. i ended up importing a reg file using bat file through gpo