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Terminal Services on Server 2003 standard

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  • Terminal Services on Server 2003 standard

    I upgraded one of my test servers from 2000 to 2003 recently but now I cannot use "remote desktop" to access the server. I know it has to be enabled first. I cannot get the "terminal services" to start.

    I have tried loading the Terminal Server but this did not solve the problem.

    I have SP1 loaded so my OS CD will not let me try a repair.

    Everything works accept this issue and my developers would really like this feature back ( before they toss me out a window )

    Thanks for any insight to this issue

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    RDP is not Terminal Services on Windows 2003.

    Only install TS if you want to use application mode. For just Admin mode (i.e. RD) set it up as you would in Windows XP.

    System Properties | Remote | Allow users to connect remotely.

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      Thanks, I do understand that it is suppose to be like XP but I do not have the "Remote" tab in the system properties.
      This is why I tried to manually start the TS.

      It does have me stumped since this is suppose to be part of the OS default install.