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TS 2003, how to block certain websites?

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  • TS 2003, how to block certain websites?


    I have a Server 2003 (Standard) that is a TS. Users connect to the server with a thin client.
    What's the best way to go about blocking certain sites from the users? We're looking to block sites that cause the users to be less productive (i.e. social sites, forums, chat, etc..).
    Right now, OpenDNS is implemented but that causes all sorts of problems when anyone who's not on a thin client uses different dns settings on their pc (i know we can lock that down but it's not an option at the moment).

    would love to get some ideas on how to go about this.

    let me know if you need any more info & TIA.

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    Re: TS 2003, how to block certain websites?

    I would suggest a webfilter, GFI doesn't rely on ISA anymore and the price per user is very reasonable.


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      Re: TS 2003, how to block certain websites?

      The free way would be the to edit the hosts file on the server...



      # You can add entries such as :

      This file tells the system where to redirect content..
      IE: = local machine, so if you enter in the browser it would look on the local machine and then fail.

      If you really wanted to you could create a fake site on a web server and direct the browser there..
      and have the webserver say something to the effect as web site blocked..