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Light weight RDP alternatives

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  • Light weight RDP alternatives

    Does anyone know of a light weight alternative to RDP?

    Our office has several users who regularly VPN into the office and RDP to their workstations. However due to a recent infrastructure change (forced on us by corporate) our bandwidth dedicated to VPN is now cut at 3 Mbps. These users noticed that RDP now is slower especially when working with images on screen which I expect is using more bandwidth.

    So Im looking for a light weight alternative to RDP, specifically something that uses less bandwidth?


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    Re: Light weight RDP alternatives

    Have you looked at adjusting the Performance option for optimising connection speed on the Remote Desktop Client? It is under the Experience tab.

    You could look at logmein.


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      Re: Light weight RDP alternatives

      We're not allowed to use thrid party VPN for security reasons so Logmein is out.

      By default RDP was set for Modem 56 kbps (themes and bitmap caching). Adjusting those didn't do much.


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        Re: Light weight RDP alternatives

        Generally speaking, I am usually reluctant to turn to a third party when a built-in mechanism does the job. I would suggest you ask management to rethink their capping of the bandwidth - a move such as that is normally something that should be done with the guidance of the technical staff. If at all...
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          Re: Light weight RDP alternatives

          Well, you can try to use the recommended settings for achieve better performance.
          However, to be more realistic You can try to use Citrix and add extra bandwidth.
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