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Terminal server behind a SBS 2003 server/firewall

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  • Terminal server behind a SBS 2003 server/firewall

    I have installed a Terminal Server (w2k3 std) behind a Windows Small Business Server 2003 ,using the inbuilt firewall on SBS, all seems to be working fine , but I would like to access the TS directly , but of course it does not face the internet with its own ip address.
    Does any body out there know of a method of accessing the TS without going through the SBS.

    I can't find any document on technet refering to this apart from maybe using ISA 2000 ?

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    if the sbs is connected to the router through second nic and the sbs is the only computer that connect to the router, then you don't have any other option.
    the only option to connect directly to terminal server is to connect the router to the rest of the lan and publish the terminal server.
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      Access to a terminal server behind a SBS 2003

      Thanks for the reply, I cant help trying to make this work , what about if I use a second network interface card with a public ip address within the terminal server, would that work ? would it cause a major security problem ?

      wishful thinker .


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        The idea to use RDP directlly without VPN seems a bad idea.
        However, you can change the port of the RDP in one of the servers and then create a rule in the FW that allow connection to it via the new port.

        This mean - Only one socket (port + IP) can be use in the same time.

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