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TS Gateway Certificates, Publishing issue

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  • TS Gateway Certificates, Publishing issue

    hi there!

    I've sucessefully installade TS Remote Apps With the TS GAteway in my company but now I'm having issues on publishing it to the Net.

    The internal TS Gateway it's (details here on my reply to the question).

    It is working with a certificate signed by my local CA trusting the

    so far it's fine.Now the issue!

    I published the site on an ISA 2006 SP1. but with a bought SSL certificate from a Public CA (GoDaddy).

    From outside I can log in with the domain credentials with no certificate errors but when I try to Start a Remote App ....RDP "your RDP can't establish the connection..."...What should I do?

    Install the public certificate on the TS Gateway server too?


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    Re: TS Gateway Certificates, Publishing issue

    Please revirew:

    An SSL tunnel is established between the RDP client and the external interface of the ISA Server. The ISA Server has a Web publishing rule on port TCP 443 that uses a certificate issued to
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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