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Advice on Server Profiles

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  • Advice on Server Profiles

    Advice on Server Profiles

    I made some changes yesterday to some Outlook user signatures stored in their profiles. This morning it appears to have corrupted there whole profile. The updates were made to the server profile as the users are Citrix based.

    The users were logged on at the time. Can I have your thoughts on this? I have made these changes many times before without any issues. Should I be doing this when the users are logged off?

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    Re: Advice on Server Profiles

    More information, please, on exactly what you did to modify the signature
    Also the Operating Systems (and Outlook version) would help!

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      Re: Advice on Server Profiles

      Our users are Citrix based so they log on to a terminal services session on a Windows 2003 Server (Thin Clients)

      The profiles are stored on Domain controller1 (DMC1) again Server 2003

      Outlook is 2003 (11.6568.8172) SP2

      I updated the following files in the following location:

      \\sh-dmc1\D$\TSProfiles\users_name_here\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

      The signature files are a .txt, .rtf & .html file

      The job title was changed & then the file saved


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        Re: Advice on Server Profiles

        With roaming profiles, if the user is logged in to the TS and you modify their profile on the network share, when they log off of their TS session the locally cached copy of the profile will overwrite the changes on the network share unless you're adding something that didn't exist in the profile previously. Since the signature files existed previously, when the user logged off of the TS session, the locally cached copy of their profile on the TS server over wrote the change you made on the network share. If you need to make changes to the profile (adding files, shortcuts, etc. while the users are logged in you need to make the change to the locally cached copy of the profile on the TS server.

        I've made many changes this way as well and haven't yet corrupted any profiles doing it. I suspect it's because you modified something that was part of the Outlook profile that caused the problem. I never try to update application settings or components using this method. I only do this with static components like files and shortcuts, and sometimes registry settings, which of course have to be made at the TS server.


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          Re: Advice on Server Profiles


          Thanks for that, this is where I have been going wrong then. I always updated the master profile, even when the user was logged on. Iíll not be doing that any more


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            Re: Advice on Server Profiles

            Glad to help.