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RDP 6.1 Terminals?

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  • RDP 6.1 Terminals?

    Hi Guys,

    We're getting ready for a rollout of Windows 2008 R2 'Remote Desktop Services' and we're currently fat client.

    We are looking for a thin client which supports RDP 6.1 and also supports multiple monitors.

    Any ideas? The Wyse V90L supports dual monitor and is XPe so I imagine with SP3 it would support 6.1?

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: RDP 6.1 Terminals?

    A short voerview on RDP 6.1:

    Please note that Windows 2003 allow support or remote access for RDP 5.2 mode.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: RDP 6.1 Terminals?

      Have a look at Neoware. I think HP bought them recently. Iv used their terminals in the past extensively. XPe has been superceded by Windows Embedded Standard which includes support for RDP 6.1. Have a look at IGEL, VXL, Liscon and Fujitsu who also have thin clients. Note you can install RDP 6.1 on an embedded client without having to consume space installing SP3. As long as theirs enough flash memory you should be fine.