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Spooler Subsystem App - Server 2008 TS

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  • Spooler Subsystem App - Server 2008 TS

    We have been having some major TS issues and I thought we had put them behind us but I keep seeing this process spiking our servers throughout the day. I recently had a server go right to 100% CPU and the spooler was the cause. I did not see any jobs in the spool > printers folder. I am not sure why we keep having these issues.

    Server setup:

    Built on VMware ESX 3.5

    PE 1950 - 2 quad
    16 GB

    4 GB
    Server 2008 SP2

    I have seen a few post stating that TS should be on physical servers, outside of comments, has anyone successfully dealt with this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Spooler Subsystem App - Server 2008 TS


    I can recommended you to move the physical servers or to try VMware 4.x.
    VMware released lots of information on issues with Terminal Server, limit the
    Performance of the VM, require special settings etc.
    If you like, please send me your email address and I will send you VMware documentations
    on this topic.
    I can guess that you didnt had a real plan before deployment of the VMware so its recommanded
    to do this plan now.
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      Re: Spooler Subsystem App - Server 2008 TS

      We did research and had actually seen a few production environments. I would guess there are a few out there, I'm sure a physical server would work best but I'm hoping there is a better option than just junking everything. I'll work on finding a solution with out tossing my vm/TS servers out the window. Thanks for the comments.