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2008 TS Gateway - Multiple Domains

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  • 2008 TS Gateway - Multiple Domains

    Hi Guys,

    I've had a search around on the net and havent found any relevant information so hopefully someone on here can help.

    Basically the situation is: We are implementing a multiple terminal servers for a few different companies in our data center. Each of these TS servers will have a different DC with no trusts between domains.

    We would like to have a single TS gateway server that can direct users for all domains to their appropriate terminal server. Can this be done?

    I have go it working with a single domain as the TS gateway server is joined to the domain.

    To be honest i dont see it being able to work but any input would be great.


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    Re: 2008 TS Gateway - Multiple Domains

    As I know, you will need trust beetwen the domains...

    You can see the reason for it:

    Most of the SSL VPN devices can provide you a nice solution (Like Juniper SA 2500).
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: 2008 TS Gateway - Multiple Domains

      Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling that was the only way to get it working but i thought id just ask!

      Thanks guys