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  • Mixed user logins

    In a 2003 domain with terminal servers, I need to be able to disallow users with individual user accounts multiple logins at the same time, but also allow a couple of special user accounts multiple simultaneous logins.
    For example, [email protected] cannot log in to another session without disconnecting his first, but [email protected] can log in any number of times at the same time.
    I realise I can have one or the other through group policy, the default being non concurrent logins, but I really need this mixed enviroment availble on the same terminal servers.
    My environment includes normal users accounts which are very personalised with Outlook/Exchange, but also a generic user account for basic access (no exchange/Outlook) that is a mandatory profile for lots of different users to log into.
    If I can use the one account for the about, it'll save me an lot of work creating and managing these simple user accounts.
    Any ideas how I can work this?

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    Re: Mixed user logins

    Turns out probably only a login script would help but cookies will probably cause an issue for concurrent connections as the main role of this login will be accessing secure websites.
    I'll just have to bite the bullet and set individual accounts and lock them down. So far in testing when I copy a preconfigured profile and along with a special group policy for this user group, I can avoid having to modify every login...except IE8 seems to not store it modifications in the profile as changes are not copying over from the original test account to new accounts.
    I copy the profiles in explorer where my users profiles are located.
    Anyone know where IE8 stores it settings?


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      Re: Mixed user logins

      Move to Citrix...
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      Yuval Sinay

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        Re: Mixed user logins

        Sounds like a call center setup. I know it's possible to use one login for many concurrent physical users and have them login to secure websites with no issues. As long as the profile isn't copied to a central server, it shouldn't be a big deal. To be safe you may want to have a log on / off script that clears cookies, so that if / when another physical user logs into a PC with the same generic login that they don't use the other physical user's cookie.
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          Re: Mixed user logins

          Thanks guys, we've decided to use individual logins and lock down the profile to a mandatory profile. That way to we can track users and, as we're running 6 separate remote sites and each site has unique users, we know who's doing what and where.

          Scott B