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    Need some expert advice on remote printing. We are just thinking of consolidating terminal servers (Windows Terminal Services) that are currently hosted out of multiple locations. The idea is to migrate all of them to the data center and provide remote access to the users who are on thin clients (VXL - Itona). The remote locations are connected over MPLS to the data center and has enough bandwidth at both ends for connectivity (data center has 20 mbps and locations has 4 mbps). For most of the locations, the network latency is less than 4 ms and we expect to host the file services also from the data center. Having said that, in what best ways do you think we should be able to provide fast (compression), reliable remote printing services to the end users.

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    Re: Thinclient Printing

    Well, its depends...

    You can use a few tricks like:

    1. Using Citrix/ICA protocol and adding Citrix Netscalar you will get the best bandwidth saving.

    2. Applications - If you will use products with Microsoft Logo, most of the time you will save bandwidth.

    3. Disable sound, Wallpapers etc. will reduce the bandwidth requirments.

    4. Use the latest RDP client on the client side.

    5. You can use some network compression for RDP protocol.

    6. Dont use/allow graphics, Flash on the TS.

    7. You can create a redundancy MPLS mapping.

    8. You can reduce the encryption of the RDP session due the fact that the MPLS should do it instead.
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    Yuval Sinay

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