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Citrix and excel 2000 errors

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  • Citrix and excel 2000 errors

    I have recently started updating excel files on a remote server through a citrix connection. The files that I update are being updated through Excel 2000. Most of the files link to other files and it is the linking that is causing my problem. For files that link to files that I did not create, the updating of links works fine. For files that link to files that I created the update crashes the citrix connection and it closes both the excel program as well as the citrix connection. When I build the files and the links, I have had someone who works directly on the server access the files locally, and the update works fine. So in a nut shell, the problem occurs when accessing the files through citrix and when the files link to another file that also has external links, and when they are files that I created through citrix... Very confusing to even recount...

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Citrix and excel 2000 errors

    As I know, this issue occurred due some Office bug.. Also, Office 2000 is going to become unsupported so consider to move to Office 14...
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    Yuval Sinay

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