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  • microsoft vdi

    hi there.
    I would like to implement Microsoft VDI solution on my company but the info that i fond on is for the chairman, not for me.
    The differences between the products are not explicit neither the requirements or how it works pratically.
    So, anyone here has ever used it or knows how it works?
    my itention is to use, as I viewed somewhere here, the fat ones that we have here, does it really works?a client with 256 ram can run a virtual vista businness? how do you manage de machines?how many machines can take each processor ao much RAM do I need for each?
    Microsoft products seem to be the only valid solutions to this company....
    so, if somebody could help me...

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    Re: microsoft vdi

    I you wanting to know with regards to VDI only (Med-V/Kidaro), Microsoft Virtual PC and Vista Enterprise Centralised Desktop or comparison with other virtualisation technologies such as Microsoft App-v (formerly soft grid) for application virtualisation. Presentation virtualisation using 'Terminal Services'. There is of course server virtualisation as well using hyper-v and Virtual server.

    I recently went to an excellent Technet roadshow on Microsoft Virtualisation. The slides are here.


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      Re: microsoft vdi

      Please review Microsoft Hyper-V R2 capabilities.

      However, other vendors may provide other solutions (and may a better ones).
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      Yuval Sinay

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        Re: microsoft vdi

        Hi there and thanks fo the replies

        I'm now a little more informed about VDI But there are somethings that I'm not understanding about this solution.
        1- It's more a remote desktop then a TS wright?

        2- Is it possible to make a network boot with some Linux based light softwre?

        3- The HW resources that feed the VM are only from the server?
        a client that has a 3.0 ghz with 256 RAM can easily run a Vista VM?
        what products do I really have to have to run a VDI,
        Hyper V only?
        The managment of the VM has to be done with the virtual machine manager?

        In my company there's no need to Virtualize apps 'cose they're web-based.

        I'm really not getting too well on this, I confess!if you guys could help me,it would be great.


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          Re: microsoft vdi

          This is worth reviewing.

          It uses Hyper-V as the server and the client machine will use RDP, so effectively, a terminal services session.

          AFAIK, you can fully manage it through the Hyper-V console itself. Virtual Machine Manager is useful for managing a virtualised environment should you require more effective management and quicker provisioning, failover and moving of VMs. However, I know that it manages VMs but not sure regarding VDI.


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            Re: microsoft vdi

            what exactly is going to be running on those virtual desktops?
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