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RDP Connection drops about every 10 minutes

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  • RDP Connection drops about every 10 minutes

    I have just setup my 2008 TS enviorment and I seem to be running into an issue that, after scanning this many forums has been around since the betas of Longhorn.

    The issue: A client using the RDP connection through a TS Gateway drops the connection about every 10 minutes, heppens in idle and active states.

    Other posts have seen drop in the 5-6 minute range, other in the 10 minute range and one post was dropping every 30 seconds.

    My setup

    2 TS server runing Ts REmoteApp and TS Web
    1 server running TS Gateway and Session Broker
    1 License server

    NO ISA server involved. Out side IP is seto to froward to internal IP over 443 to the TS Gateway. I do have DNS round Robin is use but if I take that out of the equation I still drop after 10 Minutes.

    Some posts have elluded to the iussue being with Per User License mode (Article ID: 95706. PSS had a Hotfix but that doesnt apply to me (Tried to install it and it said...doesnt apply I also dont see the 1004 errors in the logs ...) Others have said it was the TS session timeouts in the GPO, and I tried changing that or disablingit and still have issues. I have worked with the admin to scour every possible switch , router, firewall, and cables to be rule those out as well.

    Now one thing I did notice is that whe the client connects at about the same time that the connection is dropped I see the following in the systm Event viewer;

    "The jobs in the print queue for printer Microsoft Office Document Image Writer (redirected 3) were deleted. No user action is required.
    To stop logging warning events for the print spooler, in Control Panel, open Printers, right-click a blank area of the window, click Run as Administrator, click Server Properties, click the Advanced tab, and then clear the Log spooler warning events check box."

    Now this error happens for each identifiable printer listed. that includes the actual printer (HP LaserJet) and the standard, XPS Doc Writer, Send to One Note, and Office Doc Writer.

    Why this would disconnec the session I dont know. I just know that aorund the 10 minutes mark, I lose the connection and then these pop up in the event viewer.

    The bigger concern is the fact I find so many posts in regards to connection being dropped across many boards. PSS hasnt been to much help at all.

    I know other are having the same issues. Does anyone have any solid workarounds or a fix?

    Thanks in advance for comments or solutions!

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    Re: RDP Connection drops about every 10 minutes

    Is this issue occur while you setup in the DMZ (where the TS gateway reside) the TS access to the gateway?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: RDP Connection drops about every 10 minutes

      RDP sessions often generate zero utilization on the network.
      Some routers/FW drop the session due to inactivity, even though RDP session is still active.
      There is a mechanism (which is disabled by default) that sends a 'Keep-Alive' packet at a given interval just so the routers / FW won't drop the session.
      In order to activate it, set the 'Keep-Alive Connections' to 1.
      You can do it through GPO:
      Computer Settings\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Keep Alive Connections

      You should apply the policy on the OU where the Terminal Servers reside.