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Disable editing shortcuts

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  • Disable editing shortcuts

    I am having some trouble to find an easy way to disable editing of shortcuts on the user desktops.

    If i make a shortcut to a file for an example. The user can edit this shortcut and try different names.

    I can think of 3 options to stop this behavior.
    • Disable in someway the editing process. Like Microsoft did with Outlook 200o for an example.
    • Hide or Remove the properties option on the right click context menu
    • Create an .exe file instead of a shortcut.
    Last option is easy for me, but not desirable, because the customer doesn't have that knowledge and i should teach the process to him.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Disable editing shortcuts

    If the user isn't an administrator (and the wording of your post suggests it's somebody who should not be), you could put the shortcut in the All Users profile. Standard users are not granted write access to that.
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