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TS Gateway or TS Web Access?

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  • TS Gateway or TS Web Access?

    I'd like to give users access to their corporate Outlook email from home without opening POP3 access to the mail system.

    While I could use OWA, I'd prefer a system that actually runs within our network and that allows me to stop them from saving emails locally.

    This is why I'm looking at TS.

    However, I cannot decide whether I should be using a TS Gateway or RemoteApp through TS Web Access.

    They don't need remote desktop and Outlook is the only app they will have access to at the onset (although I may allow Word and Excel in the future).

    Opinions welcome. Thanks.

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    Re: TS Gateway or TS Web Access?

    TS Gateway is more secure... and will provide you a better integration with Radius etc.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: TS Gateway or TS Web Access?

      I can limit what users can do via TS Gateway, yes?

      I also assume they connect to TSG via 443. I do not want to have to create VPN's.

      They also only see a web page with a few application icons that they can use?