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UserName Variable in .RDP File???

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  • UserName Variable in .RDP File???

    Hello ~

    With a .RDP file, I would like individual users to be directed to an Access Front End file on their profile desktop. Is there a way of writing ONE TS RemoteApp .RDP file LOCATION that will point to an application file on an individual's profile desktop, corresponding to their LOG IN username?

    We have tried the following location:
    This location path goes to the "Default" user desktop.

    I recognize I could create 40 different TS RemoteApp .RDP files containing individual usernames:

    However, I'm looking for a variable for the location path that references each user profile desktop, based on the Log On Username. (The filename will be the same on everyone's desktop.)

    Many Thanks!!!

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    Re: UserName Variable in .RDP File???

    I hesitate to respond because I could be outscripted by a tepid bowl of tomato soup and I'm also unfamiliar with creating RDP files via RemoteApp Manager. Having said that, I'll give it a poke just for fun...

    ...have you tried use the %USERNAME% variable? E.g. "c:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Desktop\blah.mdb" Or maybe %HOMEPATH% (supposedly the same as %USERPROFILE%, but it's worth a try I suppose)?
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      Re: UserName Variable in .RDP File???

      Thank you, Nonapeptide, for your reply and your thoughts here. There seems to be a dearth of responses to this question. So, I am glad you're hazarding a guess.

      Using the variable names:

      Attempting to create an RDP file with these variables in the location path (eg. C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop\AlumaForms_HK_FE.mdb), I am prompted that the pathname is invalid.

      If the pathname contains an actual UserName (like: TEST_1), it's fine.

      Still stumped and somewhat surprised; I thought this would be a simpler matter.

      Best Regards, Jacob