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Goofy Keyboard Behavior in RDP session

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  • Goofy Keyboard Behavior in RDP session

    I work in a Server 03 domain environment, all workstations running XP Pro. I'm using RDP usually most of the day every day. Today, I was remoted back to my desktop when the keyboard got weird. When I type an 'e', Explorer opens up, when I type a 'd', it shuts down the active window. I don't know what I could have done to cause it. The keyboard was in an inconvenient place - I had to reach around some stuff to get to it and I'm wondering if I didn't lean on the KB and hit a key combo that activated something. Here's the thing, I VPNed in from home, rdp'ed to a different computer than my usual one, and - lo and behold! same thing. Can't find any setting - yet - that would seem to be related. Anybody ever seen this type of behavior before? Help! I'm going to be wearing out my sneaks until I get this one resolved! (google has yielded no useful results so far )

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    Re: Goofy Keyboard Behavior in RDP session

    It happens to me all of the time. It's as if the Windows key is being held down. I've never found a permanent solution, but in the mean time just tap the Windows key once and it should go away. It always seemed to happen to me after switching between windows on the local machine. So switching from the RDP screen to Outlook and then back to the RDP screen would risk that behavior. Rather annoying especially if I happened to hit the 'L' key before I realized what was going on.
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      Re: Goofy Keyboard Behavior in RDP session

      Thanks! When I came in this morning, it was working OK after a reboot. I'll watch for that in the future.