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AD Home folder on TS 2008

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  • AD Home folder on TS 2008

    Hi All,

    I am setting up a test lab for RemoteApp but am having a problem with drive mappings.

    Users have a home drive configured via their AD account and a number of net drives configured via GPO logon scripts.

    When users log on to their workstations or our Win2003 TS all the net drives including the home drive are mapped as expected.

    On the TS 2008 machine however only the logon script drives are mapped. The AD account configured home folders are not mapped.

    I can map the drive manually for a profile by running net use z: \\server\users\username and this is successful and persistent.

    There are no policy differences between this server and the 2003 one.

    Why is the home drive not being mapped?

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    Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008

    On which tab are you setting the Home folder property, the Profile tab or the Terminal Services Profile tab?


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      Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008

      Its set in the profile tab of the active directory user account


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        Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008

        Well. I'm not sure why you're W2K3 TS suers would be working but normally for TS users you need to set the Home Directory on the TS Profile Tab. This then sets their Home Directory for TS sessions only.


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          Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008

          First... did you upgrade the schema and run domainprep of Win 2008? If the answer is no... then please do it...
          Best Regards,

          Yuval Sinay

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            Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008


            Does the AD schema have to be updated to use TS2008, I'd not heard this? We are using 2003 Active directory. Could you please point me at an article detailing this so I can evaluate the impact on my current environment?


            I've never used the TS Home tab before and our TS 2003 environment works just fine. If I try to add the path to the existing users home folder in the TS Home field I get an error stating "home directory was not created because it already exists".
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              Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008


              I am still not sure why the AD user account configured Home Directory isn't working on 2008 but I recommend configuring a Home Directory path via GPO.

              That way you can centrally manage the home directory path and drive letter for all Terminal Server users, please note that GPO home directory configuration overrides AD user account home directory configuration.

              Doing this is quite easy, just edit or cretae a GPO that is applied on the Terminal Servers computer account, go to: Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Terminal Services - TS User Home Directory and configure the home directory path and drive letter. (you don't need to append the %username%...)

              Please note that if you want to use existing home directories you might need to append a ".domainname" to each existing home directory folder name since GPO configured home directories are in the following format - \\fileserver\users\UserName.DomainName



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                Re: AD Home folder on TS 2008

                Hi All,

                My demo of Win2k8 TS has now expired and I will not have time to set it up again for a bit so this project is now on hold.

                I want to thank everyone for your helpful suggestions and I will come back to them the moment I've got time to set this server running again.