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  • Event ID 1219

    Dear All,

    I am not able to logon to my database server from RDP with Domain Account, well i can logon with the local account.

    I have attached the Error file. The same problem i am facing in my site but after reboot i can logon but the same is not working there. I have tried changing the registry key
    for ignoring the errors but it didn't work. Even if i want to rejoin the domain, i can't.

    I am getting error "logon rejected domain\administrator....RPC server is unavailable"

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    Best Regards ,
    Manish Nadkarni

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    Re: Event ID 1219

    Try here or from here


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      Re: Event ID 1219

      Try to delete to old TS License from the local computer that connect to the TS...
      Best Regards,

      Yuval Sinay

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        Re: Event ID 1219

        Thanks for giving prompt reply.

        The problem was really headache for me. Actually the problem was on the domain side and not the server side. On domain controller i have started the Server service and the problem is resolved.

        Sound Confusion, but it worked in my case.

        I want to close this thread. If you could help me how to close this thread.
        Best Regards ,
        Manish Nadkarni


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          Re: Event ID 1219

          Threads are closed automatically after they have been left idle for long enough.
          Gareth Howells

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