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  • Windows 2000 Terminal Server


    I have a client with Windows 2000 Terminal Server, which certain users remote desktop to using Windows XP clients.

    This works well as Windows XP already contains a valid TS License for 2000.

    However, seemingly out of the blue a single user has started receiving a Temporary License and I cannot figure out why for the life of me.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Windows 2000 Terminal Server

    How much time is this license server and TS works? Did you add a new users/workstations?
    Is the amount of the licenses is fulfilling?
    btw... Win 2000 is known as end life product....
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      Re: Windows 2000 Terminal Server


      Yes, I know Windows 2000 is end of life, but it was broght over from an old site. They decided they would live with Windows 2000 if it meant they didnt need to buy additional CALs for XP Clients.

      Now, I think I know what this might be - just need confirmation.

      I just connected with a Vista Home Premium Laptop and it too was issued a 90 day temp license. Is it the case that XP Professional clients are OK, and Home Edition clients will get this problem?




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        Re: Windows 2000 Terminal Server

        I believe that is true, yes. XP Pro clients have a TS licence included. Home editions of Windows are not meant to be used for commercial purposes. I'm not sure if Microsoft actually apply this restriction to Windows in the same way that they do with Office Home & Student edition, but in any case if you are using Windows in a workplace, it should be a suitable edition.
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          Re: Windows 2000 Terminal Server

          Thanks for confirming.

          The only reason this has come up now is becuase 2 users had requested to log in from home, so were using their home PC/laptop as the company had not supplied them with laptops yet!

          Appreciate the tips



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            Re: Windows 2000 Terminal Server

            Originally posted by gforceindustries View Post
            XP Pro clients have a TS licence included.
            Just out of interest, is this relevant?

            A. Every Windows XP Professional license purchased or owned before April 24, 2003, is eligible for a complimentary Windows Server 2003 TS CAL. Note that the Windows XP Professional license does not have to be installed as of April 24, 2003, to qualify. The product must simply be owned by that date.


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