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Prevent creation of C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP

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  • Prevent creation of C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP


    I am relatively new to the field of Terminal Servers and the like and am largely self taught with regards to IT.

    We have our staff connect to our Terminal Server 2003 via RDP (from HP thin clients)

    Occasionally different staff members will get a message that they are being logged in with a temporary profile because theirs couldn't load.

    Well, they don't always tell me this and although I've told them to logoff and then logon with a generic account if this happens, this doesn't always happen. This has resulted in them losing some files or me having to go searching for them.

    Is there a way (and is it safe) to prevent the folder C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP from ever occuring on the terminal server in the first place.

    Ideally the staff would just get a message saying they can not be logged on at all. Then I am certain they will phone me and I can deal with whatever the problems is.

    I hope this makes sense.

    The problem happens irregularly and is not specific to any user.



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    Re: Prevent creation of C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP

    Please use:

    Also, you use move the temp file to another folder but you cant disable it - but the temp folder isnt the source of the problem from my point of view.

    You can limit each user session to 1 connection...
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    Yuval Sinay

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