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    I want to allow my server to be accessed remotely by using RDP, but during installation there are alot of other items select for installation. does it mean that these programs will be reinstalled? does it mess up previous settings?

    Please assure me if this is normal every time when you add components in windows.


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    Not sure if this is Windows 2000/2003... Anyway in Windows 2003 RDP is accessible by default, you don't need to install terminal services. Admin accounts are automatically given access but you may need to forward port 3389 in your router and click the checkbox in the Remote tab within system properties winkey+pause/break to access it.

    Windows 2000, install terminal services in "Remote Administration Mode" if you don't intend on letting others connect.

    By default, the two users must be in the Administrators group. You can allow specific users who are not in the Administrators group to open terminal sessions on it with a small change, however.

    Don't forget to install the Terminal Services Configuration Tool.

    Open the Terminal Services Configuration Tool from Start, Programs, Administrative Tools. Click on Connections in the left-hand pane, then open the RDP-Tcp properties in the right-hand pane (double-click, or right-click and choose properties). On the Permissions tab, add the user(s) or group(s) that you want to have access, and give them User Access and/or Guest Access, as appropriate.

    Follow this link for how-to instructions on installing terminal services in Windows 2000.

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      If you want TS in admin mode, you can follow these instructions:

      If you want in App Mode, change the last line of INI file from

      And yes, what you see is normal... The services are not reinstalled, they are just enumerated and checked.
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