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Citrix Web Interface Upgrade Help..

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  • Citrix Web Interface Upgrade Help..

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    All -

    I have a CPS 4.0 Server sitting on Windows 2003 STD.

    In the DMZ, I have Web Interface 2.0 ( blue and white start screen) and Secure Gateway 3.0 on the same box, two different IPs/NICS.

    Firstly, what are the latest versions of WI and CSG which are compatible with CPS 4.0 ?

    Preferably, i'd really like to upgrade the WI portion only so that the new version, client 11.0, is recognized -- which version would you recommend, and how can i perform the WI upgrade cleanly ? links, docs, actual field-tested upgrade steps, would be great..

    Thanks for looking,

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    Re: Citrix Web Interface Upgrade Help..


    moggy was posting a nice guide on Citrix web interface under:

    Also, why you dont move to: XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008?

    You may need also to move to Access Gateway 4.5 Hotfix 4 to get all
    the feathers.

    To answer you question: According to Web Interface 5.0.1 Administrator's Guide
    Your current Citrix is supported.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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