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  • Remote connection issues

    I'm trying to connect to 2003 servers, using Remote Desktop.

    One of the servers runs as the master cluster, and another is a virtual server. If I connect to these servers, it takes about 10mins to disconnect.

    Anyone any ideas on this?

    There is also another DC, which when I try to remote desktop to displays just a blank blue screen.

    Any ideas on this one?

    In both cases I'm using the Admin login.

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    Remote Desktop

    If you are using Windows Cluster (Fail Over or NLB) then you might try to connect to the cluster virtual address.
    Please check if the problem occur via regular connection to the server it self.
    Also, in NLB environment - using NLB cluster base on Multicast - There might be some problem to connect from one NLB member to antoher.

    A known issue of logon/logoff process on Terminal Servers are:

    1. Bad graphic driver on the server (For example: GeForce driver had some problems with TS)

    2. Using NT4 Roaming profile on Windows 2003.

    3. Using old RDP client - The current RDP client should be version 5.2.

    4. DNS\Wins settings arent correct.

    5. Using Offline folder or other sync mechanism.

    6. If the server installed in "Application Terminal Mode" please verity
    that there good connection beetwen the Terminal Server and Its
    license server.

    Please update us if the tips above help you.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Sorry for the delay in getting back, but I've been tied up with other things.

      This problem only occurs with my login. Other users are able to logon, and logoff, so I'll try deleting my profile and see how that goes.


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        Well, deleting the profile worked. It now logs me off instantly.


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          Ok, deleting the profile didn't work. The problem was the settings of RDP session. Under Local Resources, Local Devices, there was a tick in printers. Every time I connected it was trying to install this printer on the server, but was failing each time. These would mount up, thus extending the time to logoff.

          Anyway, it's all fixed now.