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Server 2008 Terminal Service license error

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  • Server 2008 Terminal Service license error

    When i connect to terminal service from my clients, i get disconnected without any error message within 1 second. I do get an error message on my license server stating:

    The terminal server cannot issue a client license. It was unable to issue the license due to a changed (mismatched) client license, insufficient memory, or an internal error. Further details for this problem may have been reported at the client's computer.

    I have two terminal servers running load balancing. Terminal2 and Terminal3
    That error happened after i added licenses to my servers. when running on the 100 day temp license, things worked fine.
    terminal2 is running license server, and diagnostic does not find any errors to report.
    Both license and server are configured for Per User

    Thank you.

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    Re: Server 2008 Terminal Service license error

    Must admit, i find the new TS Licensing UI a bit clunky & light on the detail compared to 2003.

    It annoys me that you cant click on the relative CAL section now & get a drop down list of all the Cals that have been taken up & when the expiry dates are. Now you have to generate a report & either its me or it cant be done, but i cant seem to get a detailed report on ALL the sections under the TS Licensing root.

    Last month I added 200 Cals & the next day I did a report & it said 40 had been taken up. 2 days later, I did another report & it said I had 200 with 0 taken up... what the?

    Clients were not having login issues & there was no other TS licensing server.The temporary license field said there were no entries. Bizarre.


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      Re: Server 2008 Terminal Service license error

      Please install the license server on DC. I guess that you work with Unicast NLB.
      Also, you need Windows 2008 TS CAL and not Windows 2000/2003 TS CAL.
      Best Regards,

      Yuval Sinay

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        Re: Server 2008 Terminal Service license error

        I got it working by deleting the license key in registry database, on terminal3, rebooted and added the license server once more.

        Thank you for your replies.


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          Re: Server 2008 Terminal Service license error


          Has anyone seen any other fixes for this?

          I've just installed Win2k8 licensing server on the same server as the win2k8 terminal server and it is showing as activated & with my per user CALs.

          I've configured terminal services to use per user licensing with a licensing server specified (the name resolves & even with an IP it still seems to think its a valid server). In the logs I still see event ID 1004 "terminal services cannot issue a client license"

          I've tried changing the certificate & setting the encryption/authentication settings lower with the same results. If I connect as an administrator it works OK.


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