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Restart TS service ?

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  • Restart TS service ?

    Hi -

    I'm drawing a blank, must be friday..

    how i restart the terminal server service without restarting the box ?

    the service stop/start/restart options are all grayed out and i've forgotten the executable name.

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    Re: Restart TS service ?

    To stop and/or start a service, you can use net stop/start [service name] . The problem is that Terminal Services is a service hosted by the svchost, meaning it is not an independent service. As such, you cannot just start or stop it.
    Can you give more details about your problem?
    What OS are you talking about? Is Remote Desktop enabled on it?

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Restart TS service ?

      Thanks sorinso

      No real issue to report, just wanted to k now if there was a way to restart that service independently.

      I blanked and forgot it was part of svchost