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Domain upgrade nt4 tp 2k3 TS can't find licence server

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  • Domain upgrade nt4 tp 2k3 TS can't find licence server

    hey all,
    i am new , please be patient with me. i am administrating a 2k3 R2 domain. a consultant upgraded the old NT4 domain by establishing a new domain and robocopying all the files to the new file server and migrating the exchange5.5 to another new 2k3 exchange server.

    the old NT4 domain had a TS 2k3 server as a member. it was both a licence server and a cal repository for itself. this TS is still in place and is still working for clients. i have checked the terminal server licencing and it shows as activated with 35 licences.

    however it complains that a licence server cannot be found in it's domain. it can connect to itself using it's own name. but it cannot connect to the DC licence server and the licence server cannot connect to it.

    did the consultant not add the TS to the new domain, is that absolutely necessary?

    i am worried that the TS is running in GRACE mode it's nearly 50 days since the change over.

    yes, you can deduce from the first statement the consultant completely obliterated every computer and user sid using his method. i did try to stop him when i realised what he was doing. it turned into a 7 week fubar.

    he charged us $15,000 for his work over 12 days!
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    Re: Domain upgrade nt4 tp 2k3 TS can't find licence server

    You may need to reinstall the TS license and reactivate the licenses.
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    Yuval Sinay

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