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Terminal Server Licensing 2K - 2K3

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  • Terminal Server Licensing 2K - 2K3

    Hi all

    My client has an existing TS box running Windows 2000 Terminal Server. The Licensing server is their SBS2003 box, currently showing:

    Exisitng Windows 2000 Server - Per Device - Unlimited, Unlimuted, 34.
    Windows 2000 Server - Terminal Services CAL Token - 5, 3, 2.

    Upon drilling down, it looks like there are 2 packs of 5, with 1 expired already, leaving 5. The expiry date on the other says 29th Aug 2008.

    The new server (new domain too) I have built them is Windows 2003 Standard.

    Now, I know they are going to ask why they have to buy new licenses, why cant they just move them over etc. So I want to get my facts straight!

    1. Windows 2000 TS Lics are not compatible with Windows 2003 TS Lics?
    2. They are currently licensed as per device - I want it so any user can log on, as long as there aren't more than x number of users on at any one time. Is this right?
    3. The last pack of 5 is due to expire anyway

    Many thanks


    PS Do MS do a version of Windows 2003 that is purely for TS and nothing else, preferably cheaper than the Standard edition?

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    Re: Terminal Server Licensing 2K - 2K3

    Urgh, can someone please clarify this please.

    If they keep the exisitng Windows 2000 Terminal Server, they wont need any additional TS CAL's right? All the clients are running XP Pro.

    I have read the MS docs, just confused a little.