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Printing Problem: Out of disk space

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  • Printing Problem: Out of disk space


    New poster here ,

    I have a problem not sure if itís new but it was thrown in to my lap to resolve and I am not having much luck.

    Here is the lowdown on it.

    Windows 2000 term serv
    Windows 2003 file and print

    After a day or less if heavy printing, users are unable to print and get an error out of disk space. After reboot users are able to print again for said day or so or less.

    Here is what I have done to or would of thought would fix it.
    Move the Print Spool to a larger volume on the terminal server.
    I have changed the environmental variables to the new volume to give the system more room. I would assume that the reboot is clearing out any temp files stored on the temp drive but I have checked to see if the current temp drive is full but has 10gig of space left.

    Note: server was built with a 4 gig system partition. I know I didnít build it that way just is now my job to support it.

    Any thoughts or ideas to check would be greatly appreciated.


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    How much free space is there on the system partition? Where is the page file located?

    If its on the system partition try moving it to another partition or drive.

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      Not enough detail to troubleshoot this problem. And to little problem outline, and no real diagnosis.

      Let me be specific. Dependent on the client, and how and where you are trying to print, this problem could have many parameters, and as many solutions.

      Let's be specific. What is the client? By that I mean the operating system. Now that we've established a base condition, let's be specific about the problem at hand. Is more than one user having this issue? With more than one printer? Is the print queue held on the same server? Can they print on local printers?

      Let's ask some other questions. Where are their profiles held? Do they have any drive mappings or variables that follow their user accounts from machine to machine? Do they have user drives, and temporary storage areas? Do their profiles take such things into account?

      Is the problem consistent for all users? Or only some?

      Have a think about that, and get back to me.

      Every problem has a beginning, and therefore an end. Nothing is insoluble. If you don't have an answer that's probably because you have not asked yourself, the right question.



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        > After a day or less if heavy printing, users are unable to print and get an error out of disk space ...

        Do not take the error message "out of disk space" as is.

        If you see that you are getting out of disk space then OK, this is the problem.
        But if not, it could be another issue and the error message is just confusing you.

        Instead of rebooting the server, try just restarting the spooler service:


        You can create a batch file with the above commands and schedule it to run every 6 hours until you fix the problem.

        Some other things to check:

        * If you have Quota limits, try disabling them.

        * Many printer related problems are caused by:

        1. Bad drivers -
        You should only used Microsoft signed drivers on your terminal server.
        This includes both printer drivers and also network port drivers.
        A bad driver might work well on a regular workstation but misbehave on terminal server.
        If you do not have a microsoft signed driver for your printer, try using another generic driver like "HP Laserjet 4", or replace the printer.

        2. Bad configuration -
        You should always use LOCAL printers on the server.
        Even if you print to a network printer, you should install it as LOCAL printer which prints to a LOCAL PORT (which may point to the correct UNC path).

        You probably know by now which printers you have installed and which one has a 3rd party driver - use your knowledge of the system and start troubleshooting the suspect print drivers first.

        If needed - go to Printer folder and there to "Server Properties".
        You should delete all non-signed printer drivers, and all LANMAN ports.
        Deleted the printers related to them, and then recreate them using my instructions.

        Good luck.