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Minimum rights to remote TS sessions?

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  • Minimum rights to remote TS sessions?

    Does anyone know what the minimum security requirement are to be able to shadow users on a Terminal server.

    The situation I have is we have several terminal servers which we a have a support team supporting. At the moment the rest of the team share a login which has administrator rights.

    I am planning to have set them all up with there own accounts so I can monitor exactly who is doing what. The only problem is I do not want to make them all admins.

    Is it possible to simply give them the ability to shadow users without making them administrators?

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    Re: Minimum rights to remote TS sessions?

    Please review:

    From what I rembmer, You can use the a remote administrator tools or/and command line to

    control on a remote sessions without a need to logon local.
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    Yuval Sinay

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