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Windows 2003 Enterprise and Terminals - GPO assignments

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  • Windows 2003 Enterprise and Terminals - GPO assignments

    We are in the process of installing terminals in our AD structure. The tech involved in this is not sure about the placement of the terminal objects and the user objects withing our AD structure. Are the terminals objects that are managed like computer objects, and if so can they be put into any ou in the forest. Are the terminal user ojbects treated like any other user object. Are there any issues that will come up and bite us?

    Any information or documentation would be helpful.

    Mike j

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    Do the terminals have an associated IP address? If not, I believe the only thing you can assocate with AD/GPO would be the managing device (terminal server/workstation, etc)


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      It completely depends on the nature of the terminals. If they are windows devices they can have accounts and behave like ordinary computers. If not, they don't have accounts; the concept does not apply.

      More specifically, GPO's only apply to Windows 2000 or higher versions of windows. For the rest of the world they are irrelevant.