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User requires both TS and local domain profile

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  • User requires both TS and local domain profile

    I have a need to allow users to login to our domain, and then subsequently login to a Terminal server using the same credentials.

    Following advice and all the MS KB's I can lay my hands on, I have configured this to work numerous different ways, using a Terminal Services profile, redirecting the home folder, using Group Policy and also a Loopback Policy, but it is not working the way I need.

    When the user logs onto the TS, a local profile is always created, and also sometimes a profile in my preferred share on another server. Either the TS session always defaults to the local TS profile, or I get 'access denied' problems on the share.

    I must be missing something blinding obvious.

    The TS is on the domain, but not a DC

    Any advice would be great

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    Re: User requires both TS and local domain profile

    So you want to use terminal services roaming profiles.
    This can be achieved by setting a terminal services profile patch in the user object (DSA.MSC), or applying a policy to the terminal servers that set the profile path for romaing profiles.
    On the the share you have to provide read and modify right for the users which profiles reside on the share.

    What happens when a user log on to a server with roaming profiles?
    The user logs on and the system checkes the file share to see if a profile for that user exists, if it exists, windows checks to see if a local profile exists. If a local profille exists, it compares the dates of files and folders. Than windows copies the data that has a newer date local, possible overwritting existing parts of the local profile. When the user logs off, the same thing occurs but in the other way arround (From client to share).

    You can remove cashed profiles of roaming profiles through policy. This removes the local profle when a user logs off. As the profile is always deleted at logoff, the logon time increases as the whole profile needs to be copied from the share.
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      Re: User requires both TS and local domain profile

      For some reason, it all now works. maybe the AD was just slow to replicate, but I think I left 24 hours between working on it last week.

      Anyhow, I just need to get the cached profiles deleted, as the TS is not blessed with lots of storage.

      Thanks for your prompt reply anyway.