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Troubleshooting TS Web Access to RDP

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  • Troubleshooting TS Web Access to RDP

    Okay... I'm workin' here.
    I want to try an' take a crack at this TS Web Access in Windows Server 2008. I got Server up and running - all my roles and features are setup. I've allowed a group to RDP in. I can successfully RDP in from within my subnet. TS Web Access is up and running, I can successfully connect (I've created a self-signed cert to test with). I get the RemoteApps launcher; everything looks great.

    When I try Remote Desktop, it just spins.

    So, I've successfully connected on TCP 443 to TS Web Access, TS is then suppose to make a 3389 connection to the TS Server (in this case it's all on the same box). So, my question right now is...
    How do I trouble shoot a connection problem between TS Web Access and the Remote Machine?
    They're on the same box, so there's no firewall or router in between them... hrmm... it may even be easier to test if they were on different machines...

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    Re: Troubleshooting TS Web Access to RDP

    Something VPN related.

    When I connect to a network via Cisco's VPN Client I can't get RDP to launch. If it's just a normal, straight, connection to the net, it seems to work. Something must be disallowed/routed through the VPN tunnel.


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      Re: Troubleshooting TS Web Access to RDP


      The Web Interface provide a basic access to published applications/remote desktop.

      The TS gateway translate the HTTPS to RDP Ė so you donít need to open RDP port on the firewall.

      However, I guess that you didnít setup the TS Gateway as it should.
      Best Regards,

      Yuval Sinay

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