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2000/2k3 Terminal Server Performance Issues.

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  • 2000/2k3 Terminal Server Performance Issues.

    Currently we have a client that has a windows 2000 terminal server that runs a medical application. Inside this medical application is a document management for scanned documents / images. This is working fine but the server is getting old so we put in a new server to replace this one.

    Old Server is a TPG Dual P3 1.1GHZ 1GB Ram 2x72GB RAID1 Mirror.win2k Terminal

    New Server is HP DL360 Dual Xeon 2.0GHZ 2GB RAM 2x145GB RAID 1 Mirror, 2003 server sp2. Terminal services.

    The terminal servers connect to a Borland database that runs on a 2003 SP1 domain controller.(HP DL380 G4).

    Remote Office connects to terminal server over a 1.5mb/256K ADSL Connection. Main office has 1.5mb/256K ADSL Connection also. The sites are connected via Snapgear SME530 VPN Routers using an IPSEC tunnel.

    The software is running fine on the new server but when trying to access images on the 2003 terminal server it is considerably slower. Took up to 30 seconds to display the picture as it was a full screen A4 scanned document.
    If you run the same software from the same pc, at the remote office on the 2000 terminal server it takes about 6-8 seconds to display the image.

    Since that i have changed the 2003 terminal services max colour to 8bit(256 colours) and disabled all themes etc. This has improved performance but the 2003 server is still slower then the 2000 server by about 3 seconds.

    To me 3 seconds is not much, but to the client that just forked out the money for a new server and its running slower then their old server, they aren't too impressed.

    I have contacted the software company that develope the software but their tech support was unable to help, they are referring it to their senior tech supprt but i dont know how long it will take for them to get back to me.

    Any help on this guys would be appreciated.



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    Re: 2000/2k3 Terminal Server Performance Issues.


    First of all, try to access the TS from the LAN.
    Is this issue occur from the LAN?
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      Re: 2000/2k3 Terminal Server Performance Issues.

      It works fine from the LAN. But its alright. Ive sorted out the problem now. There were two issues. Memory performance needed to be changed to applications instead of system processes. And the main issue was Symantec antivirus. The System Auto-Protect Network Drive scanning and bloodhound heuristic scanning was causing the poor performance.

      These have since been excluded for the medical software and its working a treat. The reason the old server didnt have the problem is because i found out today, the medical practice uninstalled the antivirus software on their old terminal server without letting us know. As they dont have a server maintenance agreement with us as they maintain their servers themselves, we didnt know about this.




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        Re: 2000/2k3 Terminal Server Performance Issues.


        Symantec AV is often an issue )))
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