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ts nlb with multicast

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  • ts nlb with multicast


    i've win2k3 STD sp2 that i've setup with nlb in multicast.
    i've problem to connect to the virtual ip with rdp.
    i get this error message
    "The connection was ended because of a network error. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."

    i can connect to the nlb server with his primary ip.
    i can connect from other computer to the nlb server with his primary ip.but not with the virtual ip.
    when i change into unicast i'm able connect from all computers.
    why i can't connect with the multicast way?


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    Re: ts nlb with multicast

    Are you connecting internally or through a router? For multicasting to work, you need a router that supports multicasting.


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      Re: ts nlb with multicast

      i'm connecting internally from the same network and segment,and i get this error.


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        Re: ts nlb with multicast

        Please contact the networking hardware vendor for further assistant.
        There may need to setup a special settings to allow the multicast to operate.
        Best Regards,

        Yuval Sinay

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          Re: ts nlb with multicast

          but this is on my same network.
          no router in between.
          when i connect to the server with the virtual ip i see that he start to load the login screen of the terminal server and then through this error message.