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    I need to implement for a new company that is spread in tree different location new windows server

    my first think was to implement a big terminal server with all the good equipment on it like {raid , processors , memory } this server will dill with 40 users my question is

    I need to know if there is any device or program that can duplicate my hall server to exactly to another server in the network in case that the first server will go down for some reason, the second server will start operate like nothing happens for the end users all the data and every thing will be the same from where the first server go down.


    if the company that I implement this new project will ask for server in every location how can I synchronize the data between the 3 servers , is there any device that do it or some program ?

    what u think will be the best for this implementation the terminal server or the server in etch location ?

    thx for ur help

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    NLB and More

    To allow fail over between the terminal servers you will need to implement:

    1. NLB.

    2. Microsoft Session Directory - Each TS should configure with Primary
    and Secondary Session Directory server.


    In addition, the TS servers are not data storage - They should provide only Application services to users.
    Home Directories, data, files etc. should reside on remote storage.

    I recommended to SAN solution with fail over capabilities Ė iSCSI can give you a nice and cost/performance winner and you will have a simple option to Replicate data from one store to another.
    Please buy iSCSI network card and donít use MS driver - due the
    Performance problem that this driver create.,00.html
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog: