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Prob with W2K3 and RDP/Terminal Services

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  • Prob with W2K3 and RDP/Terminal Services

    Not sure if this belongs in the Terminal Services forum or W2K3 forum. Hope this is the right spot ...

    I have 10 users accessing a remote W2K3 server using RDP from their XP or Vista PCs. On this Server we run a variety of custom apps linked to some SQL Server databases.

    Lately we have been having problems:

    1) Users initate a connection but only get a black screen (no desktop showing, etc.)

    2) Users logging off the server don't ever fully log out

    3) Users on the server loose printing ability (all printers disappear from the Server's perspective).

    4) Attempts to restart the server (via desktop - within RDP session) fail because the server never fully shuts down

    All 4 steps happen at the same time - existing connections still work (except for printing) but no new connections work, etc.

    To resolve the problem I end up contacting someone local to the server to get them to physically reboot it.

    We've been doing this for 2 years without many problems but lately we can't go more than 24 hours without this issue - very frustrating.

    I've made sure all the patches, etc. are installed (including SP2).

    Any ideas, thoughts, things to try?

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    Re: Prob with W2K3 and RDP/Terminal Services

    I would start by checking the Event logs, and see what gets written in there.
    It might be the user profiles not closing properly, so you might need the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. But first, check those logs...

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Prob with W2K3 and RDP/Terminal Services

      Please review:
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